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1985    Start to produce Sports Equipment

1990    The Basketball backstop are used by the 11th Asian Games (Bei Jing)

1993    The supplier of the 1st East Asian Games , the 7th National Games

1997    The supplier of the 8th National Games   

2001    The supplier of the 9th National Games

2002    The Supplier of the 14th FIBA World Championship for Women

2003    The Supplier of the 22nd Asian Basketball Championship for Men. JInling Sports established the partnership with FIBA, and got approved by IAAF .

2004    The supplier for NBA Chinese Match, the 13th Asian Football Championship

2005    The Supplier for the 10th National Games

2006    The Supplier for the Stankovic Cup , and the 11th IAAF World Junior Championship

2007    The supplier for NBA Chinese Match, the 5th Football World Cup for women; and the 6th National CityGames

2008    The supplier for NBA Chinese Match;  the 28th Beijing Olympic Games

2009    The supplier for the 11th National Games; the Stankovic Cup ; the 25th Asian Basketball Championship f or Men.; and the 19th World Handball Championship for Women. 

2010      The supplier for IAAF Diamond League Brussels finals; IAAF Diamond League (Shanghaihai) And the 16th GuangzhouAsian Games

2011     The supplier of  the 26th Universiade (ShenZhen); The 7th National City Games; the 8th National Disabled Games .

2012     The Only supplier for the timing system and the Athletic Equipments of Chinese Athletic Association .         

2013     The Official Supplier for FIVB; the Supplier for IAAF Diamond League (Shanghai hai),  the Nanjing Asian Youth Games

2011~2013 The supplier for CVA ;

2011-2014       the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th Shanghai Golden Grand Prix Track and Field ;


And the Only Supplier for CBA .

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